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"Two Venetian Masters": exhibition dedicated to Canaletto and Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo at the "Zimmerli Art Museum" of Rutgers (New Brunswick).

21/09/2011 - On the 21st of September, at the “Zimmerli Art Museum” of Rutgers’s University in New Brunswick the exhibition “Two Venetian Masters” dedicated to the venetian painters, Canaletto and Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, was inaugurated.

The opening of the exhibition was possible thanks to the generous contribution of the Arthur Ross Foundation which lent to the Zimmerli Art Museum 67 works by Giovanni Antonio Canal ( better known as Il Canaletto) and Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, son of the most famous Giovanni Battista.

The exhibition is composed by 31 acqueforti titled “Vedute altre prese da i luoghi altre ideate” in which Canaletto reproduces both real locations - such as views of the Venetian lagoon or the countryside scenery along the Brenta river – and imaginary ones.
Next to these works you can also see a selection of prints by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo titled “Raccolta di Teste”: they are a a series of etchings representing male busts and some acqueforti with religious subjects.

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