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Consulate of Italy in Newark
1 Gateway Center Suite 100
Newark, NJ 07102

Forms and Instructions available for this office:
A.I.R.E. Application Form

Law no. 470/1988 states that all Italian citizens who intend to live abroad for a minimum of 12 months must register in A.I.R.E. (Registry of Italian Nationals residing abroad) within 90 days of arriving in their country of destination. Even those who emigrated before this law went into effect must register.

Italian citizens already living abroad that change address within the same Consular jurisdiction or move to another Consular jurisdiction must notify the Consulate within 90 days.
Application for registration with the A.I.R.E. can be made (by an individual Italian citizen and family members) through the Italian Consulate in the country of residence. A.I.R.E. registration is necessary for all registry-related procedures and in order to obtain any and all documents and certificates issued by the Consulate as well as requests for passport renewal or issuance.

Registration permits the exercise of all the rights and duties of a citizen depending on each individual situation. An Italian citizen registered in the A.I.R.E. will be deleted from the ASL (Local Health Insurance System in Italy).

To register in A.I.R.E., proceed as follows:

- Fill out and complete the A.I.R.E. application form;

- Sign and date the form in the appropriate space;

- Attach a photocopy of the following documents:


- Copy of Italian Passport (pages with photograph and relevant data);

- Copy of Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or valid US Visa
(B1 – B2 tourist visa is not eligibility for registration in the A.I.R.E.);

- Verification of the address in our jurisdiction (driver license with the actual
address or utility bill).


- Copy of Italian passport or proof of Italian citizenship;

- Copy of the US passport or of other nationality;

- Copy of Certificate of naturalization (when foreign citizenship
is acquired after birth);

- Verification of address in our jurisdiction (as above).

The above documentation must be included for each Italian family member requesting A.I.R.E. registration.

If you are not coming in person at the Consulate, the application form as well as all required documents can be sent by US mail to the address of the Consulate, as specified above.
Applications, which are illegible, not signed, partially complete or lacking the required documentation will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.

Upon determining eligibility to register in the A.I.R.E., this Office will forward the application directly to the appropriate town in Italy (last town of established residence or where your birth certificate has been sent for registration).

The applicant will be removed from the Resident Population Registry (A.P.R.) and entered in the Registry of Italian Nationals Residing Abroad (A.I.R.E.).

Registration with AIRE can, therefore, be done in the absence of any direct initiative on the part of the citizen concerned, who will, however, be notified of the fact by means of an administrative act of the municipality.


The Italian citizen is obliged to notify his/her municipality of origin of any and all changes in civil status (birth, marital status, divorce, death, change of name), citizenship and address.

Transfer from another Consulate jurisdiction

If you are moving your residence to our jurisdiction from another Consulate, in order to be registered with our Consulate you have to fill out the same application form LINK MODELLO AIRE, enclosing all required documents.

Transfer to another Consulate jurisdiction

If you are moving to another Consulate, you have to communicate via mail or e-mail which Consular jurisdiction you are transferring to.

We inform that it is necessary to establish contact promptly with the competent Consulate or Embassy in order to know the procedure of registration and communicate the change of Consular jurisdiction to the Italian municipality.

Change of address inside the Consular jurisdiction

Notifying the Consulate of changes regarding address is necessary to ensure up to date information and also during future elections.

You have to communicate via mail or e-mail:

- Personal data (First and last name, place and date of birth);

- E-mail and telephone number;

- Complete new and old address;

- Which family member the address change is for.

In case some of the family members will not move with you, please let us know their address.


Please send us an email specifying:

- Date of repatriation;

- Which Italian city you will reside in and the address;

- Which family members are repatriating with you

- For detailed information and forms regarding tax exemptions at the time of repatriation please consult the same page in Italian.


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