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Please note: for the issue of the Italian Passport, it is necessary to make an appointment. To set the appointment, please click here.

Italian citizens not registered at this Consulate can schedule the passaport request at least 15 days (excluding saturdays and sundays) after registration in the prenota on line program


The passport is a travel and identity document. It can be issued or extended by the Passport Office of the Consular Jurisdiction in which the Italian is resident.

What you need to have your Italian passport issued

- two passport pictures
- Passport fee payable in cash or money order
- your previous Italian passport
- your passport of another country, where applicable
- United States Permanent Resident Card ("Green Card"), where applicable
- agreement of the other parent, if you have children of minor age

The presence of the other parent is not necessary if
- he/she is an Italian or EU citizen, and the agreement is given in writing with a copy of an Italian or EU ID or passport;
- he/she is not an Italian or EU citizen, but the signature on the agreement is acknowledged by a notary public.
Otherwise, if you have children of minor age, the other parent must be present.

Download the authorization form here.

Applicants must appear in person. Applications cannot be sent by mail.
Children requesting a passport must appear in person.

Annual tax duty stamp

To buy the annual tax duty stamp you need to go to the Passport desk of the Consulate (without prior appointment) during office hours (Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 12:30).
The annual tax duty stamp must be paid only in case of departure.

Lost or Stolen Passports

In the event of a lost or stolen passport, a police report is needed from the relevant Police Precinct. Sometimes the Police Precinct asks for a formal request by the Consulate to accept the citizen's report. The Consulate can rapidly issue such a formal request.

If the applicant is in an emergency situation (for example a tourist who must leave within a short time) and there is no time to ask the Questura in Italy or the Consulate that issued the lost or stolen passport for an authorization to issue a new passport, the Consulate General issues a "Documento di Viaggio" (Travel Document - free of charge) valid only to return to Italy. In such a situation the emergency number of the Consulate may be used to obtain such a document as soon as possible.

To obtain a travel document, an applicant must appear in person with the following documents:

- police report obtained from the Police Precinct of the place where the loss or theft happened ;
- 2 passport pictures;
- another ID, such as an Identity Card or a Driving License, if available.


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